ToSei Corporation (hereinafter, “ToSei”), the owner and operator of HANA – GUESTHOUSE, outlines the following personal information protection policy to ensure our guests peace of mind and security during the use of our facilities. We have established a framework for personal information protection and reinforce the importance of personal information protection awareness and activities with all employees. We practice the appropriate management of personal information and put forth every effort to ensure the appropriate use of personal information.

1. Management of personal information

ToSei implements security measures and practices the strict management of personal information. These measures include maintaining a security system, establishing a management structure, and conducting employee education to ensure customer personal information is accurate and up to date, and to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, modification, or divulging of personal information.

2. Personal information purpose of use

ToSei uses customer personal information for the purposes outlined below. Any use of information for purposes not described below shall require that the purpose of use is clarified in advance. We do not use personal information for any other purposes.

•To provide customers information about ToSei services and related information.

•To conduct and analyze surveys taken to provide better services to our customers.

3. Third-party provision

Excluding the cases outlined below, ToSei does not provide customer personal information to any third parties.

•When a legal request is received from a judicial or administrative authority;

•When consent is provided by the customer;

•When the handling of personal information will be consigned to the extent required to achieve an indicated purpose of use.

4. Gathering of personal information

When gathering personal information from a customer, ToSei shall indicate the purpose of use and obtain consent from the customer before gathering information to the extent required to achieve the indicated purpose.

5. Changing, correcting, or deleting personal information

Upon receipt of a request to disclose, change, correct, or delete personal information, ToSei shall response immediately and appropriately only after identifying that the person issuing the request is the individual in question. 

6. Personal information protection initiatives

ToSei continuously works to evaluate and improve its personal information protection initiatives to ensure compliance with revisions to applications laws and regulations, and changes in social circumstances.

7. Contact information

Inquiries concerning the management of customer personal information should be issued via our contact form.