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華(hana)- Guesthouse is a Guesthouse brand operated by Tousei Limited.

At present, there are more than 10 properties under 華(hana)- Guesthouse in Kyoto. Each of them has been renovated from a real Kyo-Machiya constructed over 70 years ago. In the process of reconstruction, the traditional structure of Kyomachi House, such as  wooden screens, straw layered windows, courtyard, tea room, and the exquisite exhibition space in tatami rooms, were all retained to the fullest. Incoordination with the most advanced facilities and luxurious decorations, your home in Kyoto fused traditions with a touch of the sense of a modern luxury hotel. The well-equipped exquisite kitchen and living room grants a comfortable and convenient living space.

In addition, open-air bathtub and the Japanese courtyard with distinct views for each season creates a poetic atmosphere.  At the same time, as an additional service, we have prepared a Japanese homemade breakfast and Kaiseki breakfast set meal for you to choose, bringing exquisite and delicious breakfast to your home for you to enjoy.

Unlike a normal hotel, we aim to offer the most unique experience you could enjoy staying in a Kyomachiya.

All staff of Hana – Guesthouse sincerely awaits your arrival.