To better ensure you a good time during your stay, we have installed Wi-Fi in all houses and equipped with various entertainment facilities.

◉TV and Accesory:Large LCD TV(※1) Apple TV(※2)

※1 TV, Netflix, Japanese, American, Asian TV series and movies, kids programs and numerous animation for children to watch.※2 Using Apple’s movie application, you could try the latest movies out for a certain amount of charge. In addition, Apple TV has screen share function making broadcasting from iphones, ipads and Macs to the TV screen easily. In addition, it could also be used in business situations for meetings and negotiations.

◉Others:BOSE blue-tooth speaker, go-chess, cards, magazines, etc.

Kitchen and Dinning room

A kitchen that has all facilities. With cooking utensils as the head, kitchen appliances, tableware, glass are well-prepared. Encounter the joy of cooking and eating just as home.

◉Cooking utensils: electric rice cooker, oven, pan, frying pan, kitchen knife (cutting board), scissors, detergent, sponge, etc

◉Kitchen Appliances: Kettle, Refrigerator, Induction stove, etc.

◉Tableware: large plate, medium plate, tea bowl, Miso soup bowl, disposable chopsticks, forks, etc.

◉Cups: teapot, tea cup, coffee mug, wine-wares, sake glasses, wine glasses, ice bucket, etc

Washstand, bathroom and toilet

To better serve our customers, we tend to pursue the best option for the wash area. There are facilities that satisfy the need of large groups. Two washrooms, two bathrooms, enjoy your bath with the glance of the elegant garden scenery. Also, like a luxury hotel, high quality towels and other amenities are as well prepared.

◉Towel: Bath towel, face towel, bathmat

◉Amenities: Toothbrush (with toothpaste), shaver, cotton swabs, cotton pads, etc .

◉Toiletries: Shampoo, conditioner, body soap, hand soap

◉Yukata: Yukata(for both adults and children)

◉Other equipments: Weighing Scale, Hair Dryer, Bath essence


We understand traveling could also be tiring. To grant our customers a better sleeping quality, we strive to adjust every bit of the bedroom to reach perfection. Applying the bedding products provided by Kyoto local manufacturer with more than 90 years of history Daitou. Adding the suggestions from specialist. All the efforts are made for our customer’s enjoyment.

In addition, all the mattresses in the western bedrooms are manufactured by the Simmons Co., Ltd.

◉Western Bedroom: Duvet, mattress, pillow

◉Japanese tatami Bedroom: Duvet, futon, pillow

Other facilities

We aim to respond to all requirements of guests staying.

◉Air-Conditioner: AC(bedroom, living-room) , underground heating, air purifier(humidifier)

◉Laundry: Washing machine, dryer, detergent, steam iron, hangers

◉ Regading Anti-virus: sanitizer, mouthwash

◉First-aid kit: Band-aid, disinfectant, thermometer, cotton swab, antipruritic paste, etc

If there are further inquiries, please do not hesitate contacting us.