Our company has a general “action guide” for employees called “the compass”. This is the “Attitude we should Pursue” based on the business philosophy, a total of 10 aims.

Every employee is aware of these guidelines and review on a daily basis. In order to provide high quality service to all customers, the team works as one under these objectives.

Stick to the position of providing the greatest support for customers’ valuable journey, we vow to try our best providing the most considerate and meticulous service.

1. We accurately grasp the needs of customers, provide our services with a sincere and cheerful smile.

2. We try optimizing our respective subjective initiative and aim to maximize customer satisfaction and provide our customers the best services.

3. We offer Japanese “hospitality” from the bottom of our heart to customers from all over the world.

4. We thoroughly perform cleaning, sorting and maintenance. We pay full attention to the details of all kinds of facilities and equipment, so as to provide perfect and comfortable accommodating space for customers.

5. We utilize the senses of service professionals, pay attention to appearance, words and deeds with professional consciousness to ensure that customers could have a safe and secured accommodating experience.

6. By providing services, we create a non-daily atmosphere to ensure the perfect accommodation experience for our customers.

7. We constantly hone our perceptual senses to provide customers with the touching service experience beyond imagination.

8. We focus on our customers and win them back by providing more value-added services than expected.

9. We have a strong tie of trust among employees, we communicate with each other harmoniously to establish a creative, lively working environment.

10. We approach each day’s work with a challenger’s attitude and achieve both self-development and career development by achieving the goals set by the individual and the team.

The “Compass” card that all employees carries with them