Guest activities that allow you to experience the culture of Kyoto and the charm of Machiya houses

At Hana Guest House Kyoto, we offer a variety of guest activities, including kimono experiences, tea ceremony, flower gardens, cooking classes, and children’s programs.

We will try our hardest to become part of your wonderful Kyoto memory. Our team is always here to support.

Note: Participation is limited to guests.

Reservations & Inquiries
  • TEL 075 – 708 – 8568
  • Or
    Please send us an e-mail to

Reservation: Due to preparation reasons, the reservation would be available until 12:00 p.m. on the day before the activity.

Schedule to be held in August

Free (no reservation required)

As it will be held as a group, we will refrain from holding it for the time of year as part of measures to prevent infection.

Paid (advance reservation required)

Kimono experience (from 6,000 yen per person)

Maiko experience with kaiseki cuisine (from 2,2000 yen per person)

It will be held only on Fridays for the time of year.

Experience Kyoto in a man-powered car wearing a kimono (from 10,000 yen per person)

Kyoto sightseeing with MK taxi rental (there are various courses, please contact us)

Kimono Experiences

Okamoto, a long-established store founded 180 years ago, it is a shop that founded kimono rental for sightseeing. Please come and enjoy the Ancient Kyoto while in kimono.

Tea ceremony experience

It is a tea ceremony experience for beginners by the professor of Uraschiya.
It is also possible for us to arrange other activities if needed.

Morning Run in Kyoto

There are many running spots around Hana Guesthouse where you can enjoy the history, culture and beautiful scenery of Kyoto. Let's run together while enjoying the morning breeze.

Maiko experience with kaiseki cuisine

It is a two-hour dining room that starts at 6 p.m., which is held every Tuesday. You can enjoy a course of authentic kaiseki cuisine and time with Maiko in the wonderful atmosphere of the Kyoto machiya unique to the old days.

Wearing a kimono and enjoying Kyoto in a man-powered car

We have a route where you can enjoy the city of Kyoto full of history and tradition. Why don't you wear a kimono and go on a sunset trip while enjoying the changing times and the fengy scenery of Kyoto?

MK Taxi Rental in Kyoto

Those who are new to Kyoto sightseeing, those who have visited many times, those who want to go around according to the theme ...
We propose the best travel plan according to various needs.